Principal Message

Dear students,

As we have begun the annual examinations, I wish you all the best and all the success. Your efforts and toils in this academic year are about to be evaluated in these exams. So ,all of your attentions should be on your studies, keep away the spirit that you have put in our extra curricular activities and competitions, forget your failures and successes, as the examinations are on your hand. No one will give you any credit except for your academic performance. So I request humbly to all students to concentrate completely on your studies to come up with good result bringing pride to your school and parents. Along with home examinations, we have also started ICSE/ISC examinations, Dear students we the management, and the teachers were shaping you and forming you to the realm of excellent citizens of this nation. We shed all our blessings on you. May the Almighty bless and help you to achieve excellent result in your examinations so that your school and your parents will be honoured and will be proud.

Wishing you once again all the success cordially, may the God bless you.

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